What we offer?

PT. PAN EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL is committed to providing worldwide Ocean and Air Transportation with the most innovative and cost-effective solution to its customer’s needed.

Ocean Transport

Ocean freight services are designed to help shippers. Our company strives to ensure that the necessary goods are transported to other countries. This entire process is now much safer for everyone involved – reaching the endpoint is much more reliable as it is under close supervision.

Land Transport

Land freight service is stable and flexible, safe and convenient. Most of the products transported include fast moving goods, refrigerated food and perishable goods, pharmaceutical and medical products, hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids, chemicals, dangerous goods, heavy equipment and machinery, building materials such as sand, stone, asphalt. and steel.

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Air Cargo

Air freight logistics are largely comparable to other methods of transporting goods. Goods are transported in containers, you have to deal with the “free time” and costs involved, the logistics of transporting the containers to and from the correct airport terminal and the paperwork involved.

Transport documentation & Custom Formalities

Whichever shipping solution you choose, our specialised freight team will be here to advise you and ensure that you have all the documentation you need.

Warehousing & Logistic Distribution

Get a comprehensive logistics solution for your import and export operations, including warehousing in our bonded warehouse and the distribution of your goods.



PT. PAN EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL has grow from strength to strength to be the foremost international freight forwarder and logistics service provider backed-up by a comprehensive network of domestic and international logistics support centers.

It owes it’s success to a strong management team which place emphasis on commitments to our customer service, quality control, competitive pricing and of recognizing and fulfilling the difference need of our customer. To our clientele comprises of corporate holding company, multi-national companies, manufacturer, trader direct shipper/buyer, and international freight forwarder partner of companies. PT. PAN EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL to make “different” and to be a class International freight forwarder and develop to implement an international quality management system.

Certified ISO 45001 : 2018

Has been officially assessed by PT. TAFA Certified Indonesia and declared to meet the requirements

Scope of Certification :

Provision of Business Support Activities for Freight Forwarding, Custom Clearance, Warehousing, Supporting Activities for Land Transportation and Distribution

About Us

Pan Groups, PT. Pan Express International the expressed aim of becoming an industry leader in the sophisticated world of freight forwarding and logistics service provider. Our objective is to provide a “One Stop Integrated Logistics Service” ranging from International Freight Forwarding to packing, warehousing distribution and transportation. Continuous development of international commerce and shipping had led us into pioneering several programs offering service specially designed to meet the requirements of transporting cargoes under variable concepts. To maintain competitiveness in the market, PT. Pan Express International will continue to upgrade its services so as to give its customers.

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Mission Statement

PT. PAN EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL is committed to providing worldwide Ocean and Air Transportation with the most innovative and cost-effective solution to its customer’s needed.


Our objectives is to provide a “One stop integrated Logistic Service” ranging from International freight forwarding to packing, warehouse distribution and transportation.